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  • Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin
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    Europe Virtual Reality Engineering, VR, Software, Manufacturing +491723999792 Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin

    About WeAre

    WeAre Rooms is the communication base for virtual engineering. The VR Conferencing Software "WeAre Rooms" enables AEC (Automotive, Engineering, Construction) enterprises to streamline their product and product development related communication and thereby reduce error rates and their time-to-market. Your CAD-Data can be simply imported into our software, regardless of format and complexity, and then visualised, manipulated and presented immersively down to the last detail - all instantly and without data preparation. WeAre Rooms brings your team, stakeholders and customers closer together. WeAre Rooms helps reduce communication errors in product development, helps create meaningful interaction between you, your products and your customers, and saves travel and opportunity costs while doing so. WeAre Rooms is THE collaboration solution designed specifically for engineers.

  • close VARS - Virtual & Augmented Reality Studio

    VARS - Virtual & Augmented Reality Studio

    Europe Virtual Reality Content +436503707906 Isoppgasse 20. 1230 Vienna

    About VARS - Virtual & Augmented Reality Studio

    VARS stands for Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio and specializes in developing XR (VR and AR) content and experiences for different use cases in different industries including; tour guides, tour businesses, psychology, and art. We at VARS believe in realities beyond our physical world, realities everyone can benefit from. Through Extended Realities, we give our partners and customers the power to show more. We develop XR content and experiences of the highest quality. This is the reason why some of our first customers contacted us. Thanks to our experience, networking, research and development, we are always up to date with the latest technology. This enables us to offer users highly developed, impressive and innovative solutions. We deliver XRs experiences as mobile applications, PC programs or Social Media plugins. Depending on our partners or clients’ needs and wishes this can be distributed using the different app publishing platforms or Cloud services. We create content and experiences and help businesses take advantage of them. We know the adoption of these new technologies is at its early stage and we are excited to lead the way one step at a time.

  • 3084 Bern
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    Europe Virtual Reality N/A +41- 78- 704 4576 3084 Bern

    About SO REAL

    Using our patented (pending) scanning and conversion technology, SO REAL automates the production of digital twins of 3D objects. We mass-produce cinematic-quality, game- / XR-ready 3D assets for use in fashion, exhibitions, games, films, and all XR experiences.

  • The West Wing, One Glass Wharf
    close Ultraleap


    UK Virtual Reality N/A +44 (0)117 325 9002 The West Wing, One Glass Wharf

    About Ultraleap

    Imagine a world where you interact with virtual content naturally. No controllers. No gloves. No touching surfaces. Just your bare hands. Ultraleap’s hand tracking and “virtual touch” haptics make interaction in digital worlds natural and effortless. Our world-leading hand tracking is fast, robust and accurate. Our breakthrough haptic technology uses ultrasound to create the sensation of touch in mid-air. Put them together, and you get the spatial interface of the future. Immersive, intuitive, effortless, and hygienic. Bring your spatial computing experiences - professional XR workflows, XR entertainment or out-of-home XR – to the next level, with Ultraleap.

  • close Altered Mechanics

    Altered Mechanics

    N/A Virtual Reality Gaming N/A Orange County, California

    About Altered Mechanics

    Altered Mechanics builds highly immersive mixed reality experiences for entertainment and training.

  • 56, Poltavsky Shlyah, Kharkiv, Ukraine
    close Program-Ace


    Europe Virtual Reality Entertainment +38 067 578 40 46 N/A 56, Poltavsky Shlyah, Kharkiv, Ukraine

    About Program-Ace

    Program-Ace is an innovation-oriented software development and R&D company, boasting more than 27 years of success and growth in the IT sector. We work and partner with businesses and enterprises globally to craft innovative solutions that help companies embrace digital transformation.

  • 41 Dover Street, London W1S4NS
    close Mesmerise


    UK Virtual Reality N/A +44 (0) 7824 361 616 41 Dover Street, London W1S4NS

    About Mesmerise

    Mesmerise is a leading B2B VR & AR company, partnering with companies and brands to deliver value through innovation and insight. Our extraordinary team of storytellers, film-makers, software engineers, digital and audio designers create spine-tingling experiences in virtual and augmented reality.

  • Unit 4 , 44-54 Coleridge Road
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    UK Virtual Reality Content +44 1438 94 0830 Unit 4 , 44-54 Coleridge Road

    About VirtualSpeech

    VirtualSpeech is an award-winning VR education platform for soft skills training, providing off-the-shelf or customised courses that combine e-learning with VR training. As the world’s first platform to combine the two learning methods into one course, VirtualSpeech specialise in soft skills training such as public speaking, sales, and leadership. Once in VR, learners receive instant AI-powered feedback on their performance and managers’ can monitor their progress through a custom-built admin dashboard. VirtualSpeech has helped over 300,000 users across 125+ countries to improve their skills and confidence through VR and has won multiple industry awards, including the Learning Performance Institute’s ‘Start-Up Learning Provider of the Year’ and a German Design Award for App Design. Clients include major Universities and multi-nationals such as Imperial College Business School, Ross School of Business, Vodafone and Accenture. VirtualSpeech courses have also been featured in The New York Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal for their market-leading learning methodology.

  • close Foundry 45

    Foundry 45

    N/A Virtual Reality Content 404.850.0451 N/A

    About Foundry 45

    Foundry 45 is passionate about using leading-edge technologies to create better process training outcomes for enterprise clients. We are a team of strategists, technologists, engineers, creatives, computer programmers, and project managers who are all driven to create powerful, immersive VR experiences. By leveraging new, interactive content, we help organizations break the monotony of their current business training routines while providing safer, more efficient, and engaging employee training solutions.

  • close AtmosVR Ltd

    AtmosVR Ltd

    UK Virtual Reality Entertainment +44 (0) 7880 552897 B74BB

    About AtmosVR Ltd

    AtmosVR ltd builds bespoke, immersive experiences for all sectors. You show us your ideas and we'll create your dreams.

  • 141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy local SB-7250 box #18
    close Hoppin' World

    Hoppin' World

    Canada Virtual Reality Entertainment, Real Estate, Tours, Software, Platform N/A 141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy local SB-7250 box #18

    About Hoppin' World

    Hoppin' is a Multi-User VR SaaS solution that allows businesses, organizations and experience providers to teleport their sales prospects and clients/users directly into their location/experience using 360° videos (pre-recorded or live). With an Oculus Go, marketers and sales teams can hop in the VR app and literally meet their prospects as avatars and give them in-(virtual)-person guided tours of any real world locations of their choice without either party needing to be physically present. This can be used to give guided tours (ie. museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, theme parks); to sell to anyone around the world (ie. commercial real estate agents selling hotels without having to fly in the investors), to survey existing facilities (ie. manufacturing plants, mining locations, oil rigs, etc.), and for training (ie. remote live training of a specific engine room on a specific type of cargo ship). There are countless use cases and new ones showing up everyday. Download the Hoppin’ app for free on the Oculus Go Store or reach out directly for a demo today.

  • 555 W Hastings, #1200 Vancouver, BC, Canada
    close Virtro Tech

    Virtro Tech

    Canada Virtual Reality VR 604-500-9753 555 W Hastings, #1200 Vancouver, BC, Canada

    About Virtro Tech

    Accelerated Learning Virtro develops competency-based immersive training simulations for Virtual Reality and PC platforms. Our learning applications foster unparalleled levels of engagement through open dialogue with Virtual Humans (AI characters) powered by our proprietary conversation engine. This delivers measurably faster and more focused learning experience with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills. The ability to actually converse with Virtual Humans takes the learning experience to a whole new level. Incorporating an Evidence-based Evaluation Framework to provide detailed metrics and analytics to demonstrate competency delivers quality training that is results-focused and proves compliance.