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Address: 100 North Locust Street, Suite 1, Denton, TX 76201

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From the Future creates next generation Virtual Reality training. Our software platform is designed to improve the quality of learning and solve today’s content creation and delivery issues. We provide both an Infrastructure enterprise solution and VR Educational courses FTF's DRIVE enterprise training platform provides: a - Cross-hardware & Cross-publisher management, b - Cloud Data Integration – IT/HR/OPS/VR, and d - Blockchain certification. FTF's Hololab VR educational courses provide: a - Multi-user & Multi-location, b - Student & Trainer point of views, c - Desk, miniature, & life-size scales, and d - AI optimization


“VR should be used to replace experiences that are too costly, or unsafe, difficult to replicate, or not possible in the physical world”

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