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  • Via Gian Battista Vico 42, 20123 Milan
    close inVRsion


    Europe Virtual Reality 3D +39 02 3599 1247 Via Gian Battista Vico 42, 20123 Milan

    About inVRsion

    inVRsion is a virtual reality company specialized in the simulation of retail spaces and showrooms, 3D products and shopping experiences, aimed at supporting B2B activities like trade marketing negotiations, shopper researches, training, as well as B2C ones, like virtual reality e-commerce.

  • close The Virtual Earth - الارض الافتراضية

    The Virtual Earth - الارض الافتراضية

    N/A Consulting Strategy +966554021193 Abha, Saudi Arabia

    About The Virtual Earth - الارض الافتراضية

    The Virtual Earth is a company that has been working since 2017 to provide consulting and executive solutions and provide implementation and project management services for those wishing to enter the field or expand in sectors related to XR technologies in Saudi Arabia. شركة الارض الافتراضية هي شركة تعمل من عام 2017 على تقديم الاستشارات والحلول التنفيذية وتقديم خدمات تنفيذ وادارة المشاريع للراغبين في دخول المجال او التوسع في القطاعات المتعلقة بتقنيات الواقع الممتد في السعودية.

  • About Alteredux

    Our mission Alteredux provides affordable and easy access to remote telecommuting, distance education and teletherapy services, on demand, to anyone, anywhere, regardless of economic status or location. Our vision We aim to reach every continent by creating an unparalleled and accessible solution for teleworking tele-teaching and freelance teletherapy! The problem we solve! Alteredux leverage the latest technologies to provide the world of teleworking. Providing the tools to respond to the needs of virtually any industries. We leverage the latest technologies to answer to: • The lack of accessibility to education, health and services • The problem of data security and management • The need to centralize the tools for teleworking to optimize a easy and secure collaborative approach • The lack of ressources providing digital literacy and teaching in the matter of 21st Century learning methods What do we offer to fix that!? Alteredux is developing an innovative teleworking platform. Not limited, but specialized in the fields of tele-education / training, teleconsultation and teletherapy. The solution will respond to many challenges in the field of telework in the social and educational fields that the other platforms do not offer:  Significantly reduce waiting times for consultations with specialists by improving accessibility;  Save tons of money on infrastructure;  Significantly increase the level of security in data management and record keeping;  Respect the standards of government bodies (FOIPPA, GDPR, etc.) Proposal Alteredux offers two interfaces: a web platform and a virtual reality application. These two interfaces are complementary and can easily interact with each other. In addition, in order to personalize the business experience, the Alteredux team offers exclusive support that will develop a tailor-made solution for establishment in search of a E-business management solution.

  • Marcel-Breuer-Straße 15, 80807 München
    close VRdirect


    Europe Virtual Reality Platform +49 89 413 24 244 Marcel-Breuer-Straße 15, 80807 München

    About VRdirect

    VRdirect is the easiest solution for corporates to get started with Virtual Reality! The platform enables enterprises, agencies and content creators to manage and distribute Virtual Reality projects with internal teams with easy workflow that requires no expert skills. Projects can be distributed to almost any smartphone, VR headset, or even any website using the VRdirect Web-Player. Projects are published and updated in real-time and distributed to any device globally using the VRdirect Cloud Infrastructure. This enables use cases ranging from Virtual Tours and Training & Education to Marketing & Sales and Product Visualization. Corporates like Siemens, Porsche and E.ON use the VRdirect platform to create and manage VR projects and VR project libraries with internal teams. We have extensive experience in working with corporates (IT, data security etc.) and support clients in building internal expertise and internalizing VR project execution. Best of all, we offer a free trial!

  • 141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy local SB-7250 box #18
    close Hoppin' World

    Hoppin' World

    Canada Virtual Reality Entertainment, Real Estate, Tours, Software N/A 141 Avenue du Président-Kennedy local SB-7250 box #18

    About Hoppin' World

    Hoppin' is a Multi-User VR SaaS solution that allows businesses, organizations and experience providers to teleport their sales prospects and clients/users directly into their location/experience using 360° videos (pre-recorded or live). With an Oculus Go, marketers and sales teams can hop in the VR app and literally meet their prospects as avatars and give them in-(virtual)-person guided tours of any real world locations of their choice without either party needing to be physically present. This can be used to give guided tours (ie. museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, theme parks); to sell to anyone around the world (ie. commercial real estate agents selling hotels without having to fly in the investors), to survey existing facilities (ie. manufacturing plants, mining locations, oil rigs, etc.), and for training (ie. remote live training of a specific engine room on a specific type of cargo ship). There are countless use cases and new ones showing up everyday. Download the Hoppin’ app for free on the Oculus Go Store or reach out directly for a demo today.

  • close AR Enabled

    AR Enabled

    USA Augmented Reality Consumer Electronics, Enterprise, Design 8442999099 16392 Gothard St, Suite B

    About AR Enabled

    AR Enabled monetizes Augmented Reality for organizations and products bringing a more engaging experience to users.

  • close


    bradar,co is a technology agency that works with creative partners and clients all over the world. We create interactive experiences and next generation approach on how you engage the consumers with your brand and product via technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our highly experienced, dedicated to constant research and development team of software engineers, designers and creatives are here to help you produce engaging digital stories.

  • close FS Studio

    FS Studio

    USA Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, VR & AR, Software AR, Consumer Electronics, Enterprise, Mixed Reality (888) 404-6115 3300 Powell Street #209 Emeryville, CA 94608

    About FS Studio

    FS Studio innovates and solves for tomorrow’s product development and R&D challenges. We operate on the principle that there are no right answers to wrong questions. We understand that developing the right questions requires a deep collaboration, based on mutual trust, with our clients. What We Are: FS Studio is a leading product innovation and R&D technology group. What We Do: As technologists, we help our clients and channel partners realize product innovation by combining cutting edge technologies, rock-solid coding and creative design into new advancements. How We Do It: By asking the right questions we build trust and form true collaborations. We then apply our proven development processes and expertise, while always making sure we are acting in partnership with our client.

  • close AR/VR Tips

    AR/VR Tips

    N/A Content N/A 3065514699 N/A

    About AR/VR Tips

    AR/VR Tips partners with augmented and virtual reality companies to promote products, games, and content to people interested in AR and VR. We create tutorial guides, how-to guides, best of, and roundup articles in the AR and VR space. We like to partner with anyone to showcase AR and VR technology.

  • close FirebirdVR


    N/A Content, Mixed Reality, Education, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Technology, School, VR&AR, Industry 4.0 +918329832022 C-508, Wisteriaa Fortune, Pimpri, Chinchwad 411057

    About FirebirdVR

    FirebirdVR is an Immersive Content and Solutions Stratup Based Out of Pune ,India . It's in operation since 2015 . We are providing our services in Following Sectors : +Real Estate - VR AR Tours , 360 Tour , Arch Viz Simulation, Customized Solutions +Travel and Tourism - VR AR Tours , 360 Tour , Customized Solutions . + Education and Training - Immersive Content Simulation for Learning and corporate and government trainings . + Fashion - First row experience for Fashion Shows and Brand Promotions with VR AR and MR tech . + Retail - Immersive shopping experience with brands . + Banking and Financial services : Bring your clients closer with VR AR and MR experiences . + 360 and 180 live streaming of events : Sports , Events Live streaming services + News and Media : VR AR MR , News portal for End consumer . We Provide complete solution with Software , hardware and Training under one roof for quality experiences.

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