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  • Avenida da Liberdade UPTEC Pólo do Mar, Sala E2/E3 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal
    close Didimo


    Europe deep tech, Avatars, digital humans N/A N/A Avenida da Liberdade UPTEC Pólo do Mar, Sala E2/E3 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

    About Didimo

    Didimo is the world’s leading provider of automated high-fidelity, user-generated digital humans. Until now, the creation of high-quality characters was extremely expensive, time-consuming, and limited. Our patented pipeline takes a 2D selfie (or scan or photogrammetry) and generates high-quality fully animatable 3D digital humans in less than 90 seconds. The Didimo platform is an automated solution, allowing the generation of characters at scale and at an accessible price-point.

  • close Someshwara Software Pvt Ltd

    Someshwara Software Pvt Ltd

    India Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Education, Software AR, Platform, Children, Education +919632159466 M G Road, Bengaluru

    About Someshwara Software Pvt Ltd

    We are experts in developing AR/VR, AI/ML and Games having team of 40+ engineers in Bengaluru, India. We do help companies on their product development with full support from strategy, development, QA and deployment. Not only just AR/VR and Games, we can help in end to end enterprise solution development include mobiles apps, web, cloud servers.

  • close Agora World

    Agora World

    USA Virtual Reality, Education, VR & AR, Software 3D, Real Estate, Tours, Software 2153466251‬ Philadelphia

    About Agora World

    Our mission is to democratize metaverse creation. We empower anyone to create immersive social experiences with no-code tools for the non-technical and powerful SDKs for developers. We want to make metaverse customization as easy as creating a Facebook profile page, while providing a deep platform and ecosystem similar to WordPress where designers & developers can build on top of our technology to offer & sell extended functions like themes, templates, & plugins. To build an experience, creators simply select or upload their 3D theme & plugins, & then use a template to drag & drop custom content like images, videos, or 3D models into the space. Creators can directly link to their experiences from their website, making their personal metaverse only a click away. We currently support Mac and Windows, with phone, tablet, and VR on the roadmap!

  • About CXR

    We build Augmented & Virtual Reality experiences that help businesses modernize the way they work and discover new ways to engage customers.

  • close Fectar


    Europe Content, Mixed Reality, Education, Tools Technology, Solutions, training +31 (0) 73 – 704 24 55 willemsplein 2 den bosch

    About Fectar

    AR&VR for everyone, everywhere. That's what we call democratizing the Metaverse. Fectar is the stepping stone to access the Metaverse. From AR on the mobile devices we use today, towards tomorrow where real and virtual environments are merged in a full Metaverse experience. Fectar will be the platform that makes the Metaverse accessible for everyone, everywhere.

  • 75 Broadway, Suite 202, S.F., CA 94111
    close ForgeFX Simulations

    ForgeFX Simulations

    USA Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Content, Mixed Reality N/A 415-788-5725 75 Broadway, Suite 202, S.F., CA 94111

    About ForgeFX Simulations

    ForgeFX Simulations is a training simulation software development company. Founded in 2002, ForgeFX develops high-quality custom interactive 3D simulation and visualization software products for clients across a wide array of industries. Leveraging high-fidelity 3D graphics and modern game engine development tools, ForgeFX provides virtual and augmented reality application development services for clients who are looking to distribute interactive simulation-based training solutions, as well as machine learning development services applicable to a variety of different business processes. Our training products, employed by industries including national defense, healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, mining, construction, and transportation, produce measurable improvements in trainee engagement and knowledge retention.

    close GRAHAs VR


    India Virtual Reality, Content, HMD, Education Engineering, Manufacturing, Solutions, Teaching +91 9962253526 VEL TECH TBI, NO 42, AVADI - VEL TECH ROAD, AVADI, Chennai

    About GRAHAs VR

    We offer Virtual Reality based technical training to Manufacturing & Industrial Companies for the up skilling and re skilling of their workforce with our Smartphone based Virtual Reality Headset and tailor made VR Content customized to suit their needs.

  • close Architectural Spies Ltd.

    Architectural Spies Ltd.

    Europe Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, VR & AR AR, Mixed Reality, 3D, VR 00359894318113 Bulgaria, Varna

    About Architectural Spies Ltd.

    Architecutral Spies Ltd. is a SME for the R&D activities of the architects from the designing studio Architectural Space Ltd.

  • W6 9BN
    close The Round

    The Round

    UK N/A N/A 07766236986 W6 9BN

    About The Round

    The Round is the world's first platform for live entertainment in mobile Augmented Reality, utilising real-time motion and volumetric capture to transform your immediate surroundings into an immersive, interactive venue accessible to creators and audiences all over the world. The Round was launched in 2021 with the world's first live concert in Augmented Reality, featuring One Direction's Liam Payne in collaboration with EE for the opening of the BAFTAs ceremony. It promises to create a global marketplace for exclusive, premium live entertainment in the Metaverse, connecting artists with audiences and fans worldwide.

  • About Storm FX Distributions Pty Ltd

    Storm FX is a 30+ year Australian company with roots in VFX, Animation, Post-Production, Games and Education. Through the years we have evolved and grown the industries we work alongside because of our roots. The AEC and Visualisation companies came to us because of our experience with our original core clients. This was not only for hardware and software, but technical knowhow with pipelines, infrastructure especially when working with complex 3D files and the systems needed to move this data across a network, across borders and how to store these massive files. Storm FX introduced solutions such as Unity, Enscape, Twinmotion and others to the Australian and New Zealand base we have. Being involved with Unity and Enscape is what brought us initially to VR. Since that time some 5 years ago, we are proud to be the sole representatives of Varjo in ANZ, the major distributor and reseller for Pico in ANZ and SE Asia, the first sales of Cleanbox and now UviSan were driven by Storm FX in ANZ. We are also the first company in ANZ that will have access to the Lenovo A3 solutions. We have relationships with many developers and partnerships with with technology companies. In our AR/VR/XR business we work with a diverse number of industries some of which are new to us, but who have come to trust Storm FX as their valued partners. This includes manufacturing, design, training and simulation, defence and defence contractors, companies working in retail, real estate, aged care, University Research Departments, Virtual Production and happily the list continues to grow. Storm FX has high level and direct partnerships with companies such as Lenovo, HP, HPe, DELL (including EMC), a host of specialised storage solutions for enterprise and smaller customers with high speed switching and routing to match. Autodesk, Pixologic (zBrush) Unity, Epic Games (Twinmotion only), Adobe, Pixar's Renderman, Chaos Group (V-Ray) are a few of the software solutions we represent and have very close ties with. As a systems integrator the list of solutions we have access to is immense so I would urge those interested, to please reach out to me or a member of our sales team for a chat. Even our website falls behind. We cannot solve every problem, but we do try. In the Virtual space we are members of VR/AR Association and Simulation Australia which covers training, simulation in defence, healthcare and education primarily. Personally as the owner and MD, I am a life member of the IGDA. We like to support local groups and associations, we don't like being considered just a reseller or systems integrator, we like to take our place at the table and be thought of as what we really are - an active member of the industry.

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