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  • P.O. Box 361151, Grosse Pointe, MI 48236, US
    close 3lb Games

    3lb Games

    USA Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Enterprise Agency N/A N/A P.O. Box 361151, Grosse Pointe, MI 48236, US

    About 3lb Games

    3lb Games is an XR development company that leverages our unique enterprise training and gaming experience to develop VR games and training solutions for the future. We create both standardized and customized immersive XR and 3D interactive solutions using our deep understanding of game design. We make training fun, efficient, affordable, and available. We are an Oculus independent software vendor (ISV). In addition, we are developing Vault of Stars, in partnership with Oculus.

  • 11405 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1C9
    close Cognitive Projections

    Cognitive Projections

    Canada Healthcare, XR Education and Research, Software N/A 1-780 492 2903 11405 87 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 1C9

    About Cognitive Projections

    At the cutting edge of research and development, Cognitive Projections utilizes new and dynamic XR technologies to deliver custom and innovative solutions to enhance education and healthcare. We strive to develop products that aim to improve lives and achieve high quality education. Collaboration with faculties, experts, and developers across the University of Alberta community has allowed Cognitive Projections to integrate artificial intelligence and engaging and immersive technology thus allowing us to provide powerful applications to our growing XR community.

  • About VR Lab University College Cork

    Founded in 1845 University College Cork (UCC) is set on 42 acres of wooded ground, only a 10 minute walk from Cork City Centre, Ireland. UCC has a long established history of excellence in teaching and research. It was the academic home of George Boole founder of Boolean Logic and continues to lead and innovate in Science and Engineering. The University has over 20k students both international and national, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In 1998 UCC established its first VR lab in the then Department of Computer Science. Today the School of Computer Science & Information Technology leads developments in both teaching and research in the areas of VR, AR and MR.

  • Calle bergantin 3, 2c 28042 madrid
    close Play2Speak


    Spain Virtual Reality, Content, Education, Production N/A +33767559976 Calle bergantin 3, 2c 28042 madrid

    About Play2Speak

    2:09 PM Play2Speak is an Edtech company making immersive language learning experiences in virtual reality, using AI characters. Our goal is to improve the speaker's confidence, using a safe and fun environment to speak in, without any human judgment - just our robot's! Our product is created by certified teachers and focuses on English learning, with French learning coming soon.

  • close MeKiwi


    Europe Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Education AR, Education, Enterprise, Mixed Reality +358447510096 Njetwork Inn, Isokatu 56

    About MeKiwi

    MeKiwi brings innovative software design and development with passion and an entrepreneurial attitude. Our core competencies include mobile development, web-based solutions, cloud services, gamification, VR game development, and custom AR/VR software development for businesses and consumers.

  • 732 E. Utah Valley Dr. Suite 100 American Fork, UT 84003
    close eLearning Brothers

    eLearning Brothers

    USA Software training, healthcare, education 8017962767 732 E. Utah Valley Dr. Suite 100 American Fork, UT 84003

    About eLearning Brothers

    Simplify virtual reality training. With CenarioVR you can create immersive learning in minutes - no coding required!

  • 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 723
    close Varjo Technologies

    Varjo Technologies

    N/A Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, HMD, VR & AR 3D, VR, VR, AR +358 40 130 6998 2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 723

    About Varjo Technologies

    Varjo makes human-eye resolution virtual and mixed reality products that help professionals in the most demanding industries push the limits of what’s ever been possible. Ultimately we’re creating a new kind of immersive computing, where virtual, augmented and physical realities become one. Our products allow professionals to design and modify 3D models, train in realistic environments, and create limitless research scenarios – all with the pixel-perfect clarity that only Varjo can deliver. Our HMDs feature human-eye resolution, the world’s most accurate integrated eye tracking and broad software compatibility to serve the most demanding enterprise applications.

  • About Ministry XR

    Specializing in effective communications through Spatial Computing - we create breakthroughs that elevate the way we Live, Learn, Work and Play. Our goal is to simplify life by making technology intuitively accessible to humankind through Spatial Computing. In other words, we are Innovating towards a world where computers are invisible. We believe magic happens when businesses create products and experiences at the intersection of technology and humanity.

  • close Question What's Real

    Question What's Real

    APAC Hardware, Software, Technology N/A N/A India

    About Question What's Real

    Question What’s Real is a cross-border new media interactive team, aiming to reshape the face of human-computer interaction in order to connect with the individual’s senses. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds allow us to follow and utilize the evolution of technology and media, to further explore and trigger the dialogue between imagination and experience. Near eye personal computing is going to revolutionise the way people use computers. At Question What’s Real we are in deep research on how we can best deliver these state of the art technologies to everyone. Pushing the human race forward into the next epoch of evolution would need everything we have in store and more. We wish to start an eastern technological evolution that will bring equilibrium of power when it comes to humanity evolving towards technological singularity. “Question What’s Real” is looking to disintegrate the existing hardware and software roadmap for immersive tech and give it a different kind of spin. It believes the main reason adoption has not been democratised is because the right market, product & platform fit is yet to be discovered. QWR's first product line that is launching soon: "AURL" - First step towards smart fashion (aurl.qwr.aisa) "VRone." - Cinematic 4K VR, for all. ( "LiteX" - Ultra Modular Head-up Display (

    close Avrilar Inc.

    Avrilar Inc.

    USA Education Solutions +1 720-235-8468 9768 WIMBLEDON CT

    About Avrilar Inc.

    We are a US and India based company building a Platform as a Service for managing the future of immersive learning. . Using virtual reality for simulation training is revolutionizing how we learn. Training become memories and improves our ability to retain and learn at multiples of the current ways we are taught today. But no comprehensive systems are available to ensure that the devices being deployed are secure from hacking, permissioned to the user for the courses being taught and collecting the data that helps us know that we are building personal and entity success. With the current pandemic or other disruption in our ability to be side-by-side in classrooms, labs or other learning venues, we can use VR to put us into digital twins of the physical spaces with the ability to interact with other students, learners and teachers. The portability and economics of VR headset-based learning means that practically everybody in the world will be able to expand their learning, wherever they are. With costs similar to a smartphone, disadvantaged societies can be supported by government and private programs for a nominal investment. Regardless of BYOD or institution/company owned device environments, the AVRILAR platform will bring a comprehensive device management, content management and learning management component for ensuring that learning is advancing with all.

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