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  • U2 23 Illawong St, Surfers Paradise
    close SKYLECT


    APAC Education, VR & AR, Software, Training Investing, Solutions, Medical, education +61415405958 U2 23 Illawong St, Surfers Paradise

    About SKYLECT

    SKYLECT reviews and supplements conventional teaching and training approaches which are inefficient to comply with the fast-changing demands of contemporary technology-driven societies. By incorporating VR technologies, adopters will benefit from easy and fast access to powerful elements such as immersion, deeper understanding of spatial relationships, enriched interactive experiences, generation of emotional reactions, and thus enhanced knowledge acquisition and outcomes. The platform can promote interaction through its refined avatars and equally cater for all learning styles, which conventional teaching methods fail to cover in one session, as they demand for skilled experts with strong teaching backgrounds. Teaching material through stereoscopic visuals, helps the development of more personal and meaningful relations, resulting in deep immersion in a gamifying mode, and better recall, while boosting learners confidence and autonomy.

  • close 3spin DREAM

    3spin DREAM

    Germany Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Education, Software N/A +49-6151-870101-80 Darmstadt

    About 3spin DREAM

    3spin DREAM is an AR and VR learning platform which enables non-programmers in agencies, enterprises and universities to easily create, operate and manage immersive trainings through the cloud. In the past, creating VR or AR trainings was often costly, as scenarios had to be individually programmed, manually installed on each device and trainings were quickly technically outdated. 3spin DREAM is billed as Software-as-a-Service per learner and month. Authors are free. Combined with its cloud distribution, the learning platform covers the range from a quick, “success-based” start up to a highly scalable training portfolio, delivered to hundreds or more devices. In the past, isolated pilot projects only needed to be the training itself. However, really operating trainings in an organization requires much more – features which would be too expensive for a single client. 3spin DREAM offers enterprise functionality such as multi-user training, user management, success reports and LMS integration, to name a few. With 3spin DREAM, clients can focus on what’s most important: learning content – and not programming. 3spin DREAM was awarded "best tool for training creation and distribution" at Learntec 2020.

  • close Tank and Dozer, LLC

    Tank and Dozer, LLC

    USA Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Consulting, Research Tools 12069391111 600 1ST AVE, Seattle, WA, 98104

    About Tank and Dozer, LLC


  • close VOYRE


    USA Virtual Reality, Content, Digital Agency, Developer 3D, Agency, Entertainment, Music 3124166199 4245 North Knox Ave, Chicago IL

    About VOYRE

    We specialize in cinematic, story driven 360 content. Our clients include trailblazers in the music, enterprise and non-profit sectors.

  • 1100 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 200
    close Safe PC Cloud (EdTech Division)

    Safe PC Cloud (EdTech Division)

    USA Education N/A 4046316620 1100 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 200

    About Safe PC Cloud (EdTech Division)

    SafePC Cloud has partnered with some of the leading educational technology providers in the world such as Microsoft, SYNNEX, Certiport, Google Education, and Isograd to bridge the digital divide in technology education. Our focus is on providing Microsoft IT Certifications, and Digital Literacy certifications such as IC3 and TOSA Digital. Our areas of focus are the following: Providing professional development, training, and support to educators, administrators, and parents. Supporting programs and initiatives to close the educational divide that impact people who are economically and socially disadvantaged. Developing science, technology engineering and math STEM Programs for non-profits, K-12, and higher education who work closely with the next generation of students to foster careers in Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Printing, AI, Robotics, and Coding. Provide 1:1 device to schools, non-profits, and corporations for educational training needs, these include Google Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface, laptops, and other IT peripherals.

  • 711 S Grove St Urbana, IL 61801
    close MedVision3D


    USA Healthcare Solutions N/A N/A N/A 711 S Grove St Urbana, IL 61801

    About MedVision3D

    MedVision3D applies advanced technology to enhance health care alongside the evolution of the health care system and medical information. We are frontline health care professionals who use our experiences to develop medical informatics tools for patient care.

  • close From The Future

    From The Future

    USA Virtual Reality, Education, VR Training, Software Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Applications 940-251-0555 100 North Locust Street, Suite 1, Denton, TX 76201

    About From The Future

    From the Future creates next generation Virtual Reality training. Our software platform is designed to improve the quality of learning and solve today’s content creation and delivery issues. We provide both an Infrastructure enterprise solution and VR Educational courses FTF's DRIVE enterprise training platform provides: a - Cross-hardware & Cross-publisher management, b - Cloud Data Integration – IT/HR/OPS/VR, and d - Blockchain certification. FTF's Hololab VR educational courses provide: a - Multi-user & Multi-location, b - Student & Trainer point of views, c - Desk, miniature, & life-size scales, and d - AI optimization

  • Nollendorfstraße 20
    close Zaubar


    Europe Augmented Reality Education +4917641561372 Nollendorfstraße 20

    About Zaubar

    Zaubar - Time Travel Is Here. We enable amazing city tours that feel just like traveling through time. To content producers such as media houses and tour guides, we are a Software & Tours as a Service company powered by super precise location-based Augmented Reality and AI. To users it’s the most immersive and social way to get to know a new city or rediscover their home turf. We put our software on tablets and enable every content producer on the world as our franchisee to offer magical guided (city) tours to tourists and locals to discover sights in Augmented Reality that are hidden for the normal eye . City tours are not scalable yet and sometimes not very interesting. We put it in an app and make it fun to discover the world and make it easy for any content-based company to produce their own AR city tour!

  • 12635 E. Montview Blvd. Suite 350
    close Touch of Life Technologies

    Touch of Life Technologies

    USA Education Medical N/A N/A 12635 E. Montview Blvd. Suite 350

    About Touch of Life Technologies

    Touch of Life Technologies is focused on improving healthcare through education with the world's most complete platform for real anatomy in virtual environments. We were founded in 1998 by basic science and clinical faculty including a principal investigator of the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project to create virtual teaching and training tools from this first of its kind anatomical dataset. Today, we continue to push the envelope of high-resolution anatomical imaging and its application in education and training environments. Through our VH Dissector platform, we enable students and educators around the world to interact with real human anatomy on a variety of devices from collaborative multi- touch tables to iPads and AR and VR devices. Looking towards tomorrow, we are pairing our real anatomy with years of research in haptic technologies and algorithms to create highly realistic training solutions for clinical procedures.

  • About Virtulane Pty Ltd.

    We are an Australian Based immersive production agency who can consults and works with our clients on their immersive requirements. We can support you on your virtual tour journey or develop solutions that exceed our clients expectations.

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