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  • close Tecknotrove Systems (I) Pvt Ltd

    Tecknotrove Systems (I) Pvt Ltd

    India Virtual Reality, VR & AR, Software, Training N/A +92 22 61513002 Chakal Metro

    About Tecknotrove Systems (I) Pvt Ltd

    Tecknotrove based in Mumbai India develops customised virtual reality solutions for enterprises across various industries like Automotive, Airside, Mining , Defence and Nuclear. We stay focused on client requirements and develop customized VR solutions that solve real industry challenges. TecknoSIM VR solutions help our customers gain competitive advantage through training their workforce in a cost effective manner. Our solutions supplement or replace traditional training by user-friendly immersive content and training modules. Tecknotrove has completed projects in more than 24 countries has developed customised VR solutions in multiple languages .

  • close VRSim


    USA Education, Tools, Developer, Training Manufacturing, Skills Training, Precision Skills Training, Paint Application 8608930080 222 Pitkin St. Suite 119, East Hartford, CT 06108

    About VRSim

    VRSim products use the latest, proprietary technology to address training and skills development needs in spray coatings, welding, advanced manufacturing, construction, robotics, and other skilled trades.

  • close emteq labs

    emteq labs

    Europe Virtual Reality, HMD, Education, Healthcare Analytics, Welness, Platform, health +44 (0) 1273 769251 bn1 9sb

    About emteq labs

    Emteq lab’s latest VR technology builds on over 40 years of research into the relationship between facial expressions and emotion. A machine learning tool that accurately translates biometric data into emotional response, it offers the potential to revolutionise a wide range of industries including Research, Training & Education, Gaming & Entertainment, Advertising, Marketing and Retail.

  • About inciteVR

    With offices in Portugal and California, inciteVR specializes in the production of immersive learning products for higher education and professional training. inciteVR is a market leading pioneer for online learning through immersive learning experiences (ILX) featuring hand-tracking with mobile VR and rich Cloud enterprise features.

  • 200 george street sydney


    APAC N/A N/A +61282774114 200 george street sydney


    Although there’s no such thing as a simple ‘world trade mark’ or ‘global intellectual property right’ our experienced team at ONE IP INTERNATIONAL’s hard and methodical work can make it feel like there is. We do everything in our power to protect your intellectual property from every angle, giving you a comprehensive layer of protection that ensures your hard work is not at risk. Our expert advice is designed to save you time, money, and leave you with something far more important – complete peace of mind. By working with ONE IP INTERNATIONAL, you can rest assured that your intellectual property – whether it’s trade marks, registered designs, copyright, trade secrets and so on – is carefully and thoroughly protected on a global scale. Whatever your IP protection needs, our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge and first-hand experience to deliver above and beyond your expectations. Our vision is simple: when it comes to intellectual property services, your brands are in safe hands. We approach the protection of your intellectual property assets based on your unique business requirements, followed a tailored IP strategy that brings about best results as compared to a generic strategy that isn’t customised to your business needs. If you would like to save time, we may even be able to resolve your intellectual property request over the phone or via email/ chat box on our website. For a detailed analysis of your current IP portfolio, an initial conference to discuss your IP strategy or simply to put a face to the name, we love to welcome you in our office in the heart of Sydney in the iconic EY Building, near Circular Quay. Contact us on +61282774114 or email us at

  • close Entermission Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Room

    Entermission Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Room

    N/A Virtual Reality, VR & AR, 360 Video, Games N/A 380600683 Level 1, Bourke Street

    About Entermission Melbourne - Virtual Reality Escape Room

    EXPERIENCE IMMERSIVE 4D VIRTUAL REALITY ESCAPE ROOM IN MELBOURNE CBD! Love escape rooms or ever wanted to be immersed in different worlds? See, hear and interact with family, friends and workmates flying though space, solving puzzles and using lightning reflexes to complete your mission in 60 minutes. FEATURES: • Private room for your group (2-6 people or book multiple rooms to compete head to head) with 3 rooms available for your own private party of 18 people! • Take fun pictures and videos while playing • Uses real-time hand tracking without controllers CHOOSE FROM TWO ADVENTURES • Space Heroes: As a Super Team, use special abilities, thinking and teamwork in space to save Earth. • Mad Mind: As a team of Cyber Detectives, face dark horrors and outwit a criminal's mind to save a child. Entermission Melbourne Virtual Reality Escape Rooms is conveniently located in Melbourne's CBD with 3 rooms accommodating 2-6 people each. Book multiple rooms to go head.

  • close MoversTech CRM

    About MoversTech CRM

    If you are looking for a software solution to help you improve everyday efficiency and save your time and money, MoversTech CRM has the perfect movers software for managing your business. You will be completely in control of your business with movers CRM advantages: Dedicated account manager, Fast and reliable cloud-based solution, Transparent pricing with no hidden fees, Works and looks good on all devices with Flexible and customizable system. Schedule a free demo today!

  • close Elearning Design Center

    Elearning Design Center

    USA Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Education AR, Education, 3D, VR 7349254777 30744 Asbury Hill Dr

    About Elearning Design Center

    Elearning Design Center is a technology-focused company with a vision to transform online learning by bringing immersive ways of teaching. We want to make immersive learning scalable and more affordable. Our team of designers, artists, and developers love what they do and are always ready for the next challenge; whether it is to create 3D/AR/VR/MR virtual world environments, 3D animations, or any other eLearning solution.

  • U2 23 Illawong St, Surfers Paradise
    close SKYLECT


    APAC Education, VR & AR, Software, Training Investing, Solutions, Medical, education +61415405958 U2 23 Illawong St, Surfers Paradise

    About SKYLECT

    SKYLECT reviews and supplements conventional teaching and training approaches which are inefficient to comply with the fast-changing demands of contemporary technology-driven societies. By incorporating VR technologies, adopters will benefit from easy and fast access to powerful elements such as immersion, deeper understanding of spatial relationships, enriched interactive experiences, generation of emotional reactions, and thus enhanced knowledge acquisition and outcomes. The platform can promote interaction through its refined avatars and equally cater for all learning styles, which conventional teaching methods fail to cover in one session, as they demand for skilled experts with strong teaching backgrounds. Teaching material through stereoscopic visuals, helps the development of more personal and meaningful relations, resulting in deep immersion in a gamifying mode, and better recall, while boosting learners confidence and autonomy.

  • close 3spin DREAM

    3spin DREAM

    Germany Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Education, Software N/A +49-6151-870101-80 Darmstadt

    About 3spin DREAM

    3spin DREAM is an AR and VR learning platform which enables non-programmers in agencies, enterprises and universities to easily create, operate and manage immersive trainings through the cloud. In the past, creating VR or AR trainings was often costly, as scenarios had to be individually programmed, manually installed on each device and trainings were quickly technically outdated. 3spin DREAM is billed as Software-as-a-Service per learner and month. Authors are free. Combined with its cloud distribution, the learning platform covers the range from a quick, “success-based” start up to a highly scalable training portfolio, delivered to hundreds or more devices. In the past, isolated pilot projects only needed to be the training itself. However, really operating trainings in an organization requires much more – features which would be too expensive for a single client. 3spin DREAM offers enterprise functionality such as multi-user training, user management, success reports and LMS integration, to name a few. With 3spin DREAM, clients can focus on what’s most important: learning content – and not programming. 3spin DREAM was awarded "best tool for training creation and distribution" at Learntec 2020.

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