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  • Hillsboro, OR
    close The Net VR

    The Net VR

    USA Community N/A 5036796199 Hillsboro, OR

    About The Net VR

    A device agnostic platform used for content creators to monetize in the 3D space

  • Philadelphia
    close Agora World

    Agora World

    USA Community N/A 2153466251‬ Philadelphia

    About Agora World

    Our mission is to democratize metaverse creation. We empower anyone to create immersive social experiences with no-code tools for the non-technical and powerful SDKs for developers. We want to make metaverse customization as easy as creating a Facebook profile page, while providing a deep platform and ecosystem similar to WordPress where designers & developers can build on top of our technology to offer & sell extended functions like themes, templates, & plugins. To build an experience, creators simply select or upload their 3D theme & plugins, & then use a template to drag & drop custom content like images, videos, or 3D models into the space. Creators can directly link to their experiences from their website, making their personal metaverse only a click away. We currently support Mac and Windows, with phone, tablet, and VR on the roadmap!