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  • Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin
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    Europe VR N/A +491723999792 Dresdener Straße 11, 10999 Berlin

    About WeAre

    WeAre Rooms is the communication base for virtual engineering. The VR Conferencing Software "WeAre Rooms" enables AEC (Automotive, Engineering, Construction) enterprises to streamline their product and product development related communication and thereby reduce error rates and their time-to-market. Your CAD-Data can be simply imported into our software, regardless of format and complexity, and then visualised, manipulated and presented immersively down to the last detail - all instantly and without data preparation. WeAre Rooms brings your team, stakeholders and customers closer together. WeAre Rooms helps reduce communication errors in product development, helps create meaningful interaction between you, your products and your customers, and saves travel and opportunity costs while doing so. WeAre Rooms is THE collaboration solution designed specifically for engineers.

  • 3084 Bern
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    Europe VR N/A +41- 78- 704 4576 3084 Bern

    About SO REAL

    Using our patented (pending) scanning and conversion technology, SO REAL automates the production of digital twins of 3D objects. We mass-produce cinematic-quality, game- / XR-ready 3D assets for use in fashion, exhibitions, games, films, and all XR experiences.

  • 3300 Powell Street #209 Emeryville, CA 94608
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    FS Studio

    USA VR N/A (888) 404-6115 3300 Powell Street #209 Emeryville, CA 94608

    About FS Studio

    FS Studio innovates and solves for tomorrow’s product development and R&D challenges. We operate on the principle that there are no right answers to wrong questions. We understand that developing the right questions requires a deep collaboration, based on mutual trust, with our clients. What We Are: FS Studio is a leading product innovation and R&D technology group. What We Do: As technologists, we help our clients and channel partners realize product innovation by combining cutting edge technologies, rock-solid coding and creative design into new advancements. How We Do It: By asking the right questions we build trust and form true collaborations. We then apply our proven development processes and expertise, while always making sure we are acting in partnership with our client.

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    Foundry 45

    N/A VR N/A 404.850.0451 N/A

    About Foundry 45

    Foundry 45 is passionate about using leading-edge technologies to create better process training outcomes for enterprise clients. We are a team of strategists, technologists, engineers, creatives, computer programmers, and project managers who are all driven to create powerful, immersive VR experiences. By leveraging new, interactive content, we help organizations break the monotony of their current business training routines while providing safer, more efficient, and engaging employee training solutions.

  • 555 W Hastings, #1200 Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Virtro Tech

    Canada VR N/A 604-500-9753 555 W Hastings, #1200 Vancouver, BC, Canada

    About Virtro Tech

    Accelerated Learning Virtro develops competency-based immersive training simulations for Virtual Reality and PC platforms. Our learning applications foster unparalleled levels of engagement through open dialogue with Virtual Humans (AI characters) powered by our proprietary conversation engine. This delivers measurably faster and more focused learning experience with higher retention rates of information and replicable skills. The ability to actually converse with Virtual Humans takes the learning experience to a whole new level. Incorporating an Evidence-based Evaluation Framework to provide detailed metrics and analytics to demonstrate competency delivers quality training that is results-focused and proves compliance.

  • Igloo Vision Limited Unit 2, Craven Court, Stokewood Road, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 8PF, United Kingdom
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    Igloo Vision

    Europe VR N/A +44 (0) 1588673337 Igloo Vision Limited Unit 2, Craven Court, Stokewood Road, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 8PF, United Kingdom

    About Igloo Vision

    Igloo Vision is the Shared VR company. We design, develop and deliver immersive 360° domes, cylinders, immersive workspaces and all of the enabling technologies. Stepping inside an Igloo immersive space is a bit like stepping inside a giant VR headset. And, because groups of up to 750 people can get inside, it's always a shared experience. So it's great for entertainment and experiences. It's also perfect for collaborative teamwork. In our 10+ year history, we've worked on several hundred assignments for many of the world’s biggest brands, delivering from our bases in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Clients use us for three main applications: Simulation - Immerse your teams in any scenario - ideal for training, education and familiarisation. Visualisation - Bring your designs to life - with a fully-immersive, highly- engaging, surprisingly-affordable visualisation platform. Collaboration - Make meetings more productive - enable project teams to see, share, discuss, and update all of their data and documents. Experiences - Engage, inspire and entertain - use wraparound sound and vision to create unforgettable events and experiences. We take any content and put it into a shared space anyone can use. Our technology integrates, out-of-the-box, with a wide range of existing business tools (like 3D design packages, CAD software, data visualisation tools, Google and Microsoft Suites, and many web-based tools).

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    USA VR N/A 8446972333 2414 SW ANDOVER STREET, SUITE D-101

    About MXTreality

    MXTreality, (pronounced “Mixed Reality”), is a technology company specializing in Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for both B2B and B2C environments. Founded in 2013, the company has offices in both Seattle, WA, and London, UK with clients throughout the world. MXTreality believes in creating immersive and engaging experiences for everyone, on every device. In the consumer space, the company has over 2 million mobile app downloads. Business services include consulting, digital media production and end-user VR & AR application publishing. MXTreality has produced over 100 XR experiences for training, medical institutions, art galleries, museums, tourist attractions, architecture firms, government agencies and more. Joined by a wide array of partners, MXTreality uses the latest technological innovations to offer deeply immersive multi-sensory experiences for all with a vision to improve future decisions, solve problems and enhance lives. For more details, visit

  • Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain, Europe
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    Europe VR N/A +34946452130 Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain, Europe

    About Virtualware

    Virtualware is a leading global provider of advanced immersive enterprise solutions for training, engineering and marketing. A pioneer in VR with more than 15 years of expertise, Virtualware has helped hundreds of corporations, universities and government institutions breakthrough to the next level, utilizing the power of immersive technologies. Virtualware’s portfolio includes several success stories with the world’s top players in the industry, health and entertainment sector including: General Electric Hitachi, Biogen International or King's College London. Winners of the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year 2019 Award for "VIROO: Virtualware Immersive Room".

  • Goudsesingel 100, 3011KD Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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    Europe VR N/A N/A Goudsesingel 100, 3011KD Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    About Tiledmedia

    Tiledmedia is the global leader in flexible, low-latency delivery of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices. Through our advanced software products, distributors of high resolution content – e.g. 360-degree Virtual Reality video or 180-degrees panoramic video – can reach the maximum number of viewers with the highest possible quality. Our product portfolio enables advanced streaming features like directional streaming and zooming without resolution loss.

  • OverIT

    Europe VR N/A
    Via Bassi 81 Fiume Veneto
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    Europe VR N/A 00393371091177 Via Bassi 81 Fiume Veneto

    About OverIT

    We streamline Field Service Management operations through state-of-the-art products, to increase productivity, efficiency and safety of industry-leading companies. Recognized as “Leaders” and “Visionaries” by the major IT consulting firms, we serve the Energy & Utility, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing and Transportation industries with specific product templates. The know-how gained in over 20 years of concrete and operational experience, has enabled us to help hundreds of multinational companies transforming their processes, thus leading us to herald a new Field Service Management era, where tasks debriefing is now totally hands-free. By relying on innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to optimize field activities, over 100,000 of our clients’ resources are improving operational performance and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

  • 3129 Tiger Run Court
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    Cleanbox Technology

    USA VR N/A 760-385-8820 3129 Tiger Run Court

    About Cleanbox Technology

    Cleanbox is a premium hygienic and eco-friendly brand providing solutions for the decontamination and drying of virtual & augmented reality headsets, headphones and other mass-use hardware. Designed with commercial high-volume traffic in mind, Cleanbox products are streamlined for effectiveness, ease and speed. Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat, liquid or toxins in the decontamination process, protecting electronics and providing an eco-friendly, safe experience for the customer. Cleanbox eradicates 99% of bacteria, virus and fungi in 1 minute and its modular designs can treat any number of hardware from 1 to 1,000 or more. Cleanbox is patented in the US and has multiple utility and design patents, globally. Cleanbox is a globally trademarked brand.

  • 279 Riviera Drive
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    USA VR N/A N/A N/A 279 Riviera Drive

    About JMXR

    JMXR works with a variety of enterprise clients to provide strategy, guidance, and solutions for XR training. Our bespoke solutions identify areas where immersive reality training can be incorporated into existing curricula. We provide ongoing strategy for implementation, deployment, adoption techniques, and metrics. We also look to the future, developing strategies for growth and sustainability with new technologies. As part of this service, JMXR offers prototyping, content creation, and full solution deployment We also partner with emerging startups that focus on the XR space to assist with product strategy and development, funding, business development, strategic partnerships, and more. Consider us your “CXO for hire” to accelerate your growth. Our model allows you to focus more time on your core business while improving your time to market and overall success.