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About FourPointZero Recruitment Ltd

We’re FourPointZero, the XR recruiters. We build amazing XR permanent and contract teams for some of the world’s most pioneering companies across Learning & Development, Product Marketing, and Experience Marketing, Remote Support, Virtual Production, Digital Twin Visualization, and Collaborative Design. We deliver right up to a strategic level in development, design, art, animation, production, Direction, and Sales/Marketing. Whatever the requirement, we take the right approach to find the right individuals within the right timeframes. We're highly skilled at recruitment and have a global reach, enabling us to identify talent anywhere from your doorstep to the other side of the world! For industry professionals who may be interested in a new opportunity, we offer expert advice on: - Salary/Benefits Benchmark – What’s your current value in the market - is your current package inline? - Skills Checker – How does your skillset compare with market demand? - Trendsetter – What’s the next big thing in the market and advice on what to do to be up to speed - Profile Builder – Let's take a look at your profile/portfolio/CV and what can be done to improve it Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!


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