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  • close FourPointZero Recruitment Ltd

    FourPointZero Recruitment Ltd

    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A 01925 320 960 N/A

    About FourPointZero Recruitment Ltd

    We’re FourPointZero, the XR recruiters. We build amazing XR permanent and contract teams for some of the world’s most pioneering companies across Learning & Development, Product Marketing, and Experience Marketing, Remote Support, Virtual Production, Digital Twin Visualization, and Collaborative Design. We deliver right up to a strategic level in development, design, art, animation, production, Direction, and Sales/Marketing. Whatever the requirement, we take the right approach to find the right individuals within the right timeframes. We're highly skilled at recruitment and have a global reach, enabling us to identify talent anywhere from your doorstep to the other side of the world! For industry professionals who may be interested in a new opportunity, we offer expert advice on: - Salary/Benefits Benchmark – What’s your current value in the market - is your current package inline? - Skills Checker – How does your skillset compare with market demand? - Trendsetter – What’s the next big thing in the market and advice on what to do to be up to speed - Profile Builder – Let's take a look at your profile/portfolio/CV and what can be done to improve it Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

  • close Groove Jones

    Groove Jones

    N/A Recuitment N/A 214-749-0094 x631 N/A

    About Groove Jones

    Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands. We are best known for our award-winning work in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), ML (Machine Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application development. We are a single interdisciplinary team of artists, technologists, industrial designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, usability experts, interior designers, content creators, engineers, fabricators, and project managers. Our team hails from diverse disciplines - from creating location-based entertainment and amusement park rides, developing enterprise Apps and video games, to directing broadcast commercials and feature motion pictures. Our focus is on creating new and dynamic solutions for our client’s challenges across multiple platforms. GrooveTech™ is our proprietary group of technologies that we’ve developed as a base for many of our productions. Our platform is secure, reliable, and flexible – allowing our team to configure solutions that will support our client’s marketing objectives. Our system is built upon best in class technology providing a comprehensive and speed to market solution.

  • 4245 North Knox Ave, Chicago IL
    close VOYRE


    USA Recuitment N/A 3124166199 4245 North Knox Ave, Chicago IL

    About VOYRE

    We specialize in cinematic, story driven 360 content. Our clients include trailblazers in the music, enterprise and non-profit sectors.

  • close Blinxel


    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A N/A

    About Blinxel

    Blinxel has reduced the time and cost of photoreal mobile AR content creation, distribution and consumption by 95%

  • Jobs in XR

    Europe Recuitment N/A N/A
    London, Uk
    close Jobs in XR

    Jobs in XR

    Europe Recuitment N/A N/A N/A London, Uk

    About Jobs in XR


  • 3259 Progress Drive, Orlando Fl 32826
    close Engenium Staffing Inc

    Engenium Staffing Inc

    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A 321-296-9601 3259 Progress Drive, Orlando Fl 32826

    About Engenium Staffing Inc

    We are a staffing firm focused on Technical, Engineering and IT roles in Emerging and High Demand verticals including Simulation, Defense, Aviation, and Gaming sectors.

  • ABC

    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A
    15413 Walnut Dr.


    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A N/A 15413 Walnut Dr.

    About ABC


  • 15a Brighton Place, Brighton, BN1 1HJ, United Kingdom
    close Skillsearch Limited

    Skillsearch Limited

    N/A Recuitment N/A N/A +44 1273 287 007 15a Brighton Place, Brighton, BN1 1HJ, United Kingdom

    About Skillsearch Limited