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  • close Roundtable Learning

    Roundtable Learning

    USA Platform N/A N/A N/A 8401 Chagrin Rd

    About Roundtable Learning

    Roundtable builds results-driven learning experiences that engage your workforce and transform it into a team of top performers. We leverage AR, VR, eLearning, ILT, and video learning to develop strategic learning programs that reflect your brand, meet your organization’s immediate needs, and prepare your team for future challenges. We produce measurable performance results and equip your organization with a stronger, more skilled workforce.

  • Warp VR

    Netherlands Platform N/A
    Molengraaffsingel 12, Delft
    close Warp VR

    Warp VR

    Netherlands Platform N/A +31 85 130 3616 Molengraaffsingel 12, Delft

    About Warp VR

    At Warp VR it is our mission to give people access to real-world experiences that empower them in life, career and beyond. We build tools that help you create, discover and share highly engaging and interactive 360˚ video VR experiences.

  • EC1N 7RJ
    close Immerse


    Europe Platform N/A N/A EC1N 7RJ

    About Immerse

    Immerse is the technology company behind the industry-leading virtual reality platform, Immerse VEP. Built for enterprise from the ground up, the platform helps companies create, scale and deploy VR training and maximise their ROI.

  • VimAI Oy

    N/A Platform N/A N/A
    close VimAI Oy

    VimAI Oy

    N/A Platform N/A N/A +358405433633 N/A

    About VimAI Oy

    VimAI provides computer vision based positioning technology for wide-area AR. With it buildings of any size can be converted to shared AR experiences. The solution allows such AR-based services as navigation, data visualisation and entertainment to be provided in environments like industrial plants, shopping malls, museums, conference centers, hotels and airports.

  • close Alteredux


    N/A Platform N/A 5147101843 N/A

    About Alteredux

    Our mission Alteredux provides affordable and easy access to remote telecommuting, distance education and teletherapy services, on demand, to anyone, anywhere, regardless of economic status or location. Our vision We aim to reach every continent by creating an unparalleled and accessible solution for teleworking tele-teaching and freelance teletherapy! The problem we solve! Alteredux leverage the latest technologies to provide the world of teleworking. Providing the tools to respond to the needs of virtually any industries. We leverage the latest technologies to answer to: • The lack of accessibility to education, health and services • The problem of data security and management • The need to centralize the tools for teleworking to optimize a easy and secure collaborative approach • The lack of ressources providing digital literacy and teaching in the matter of 21st Century learning methods What do we offer to fix that!? Alteredux is developing an innovative teleworking platform. Not limited, but specialized in the fields of tele-education / training, teleconsultation and teletherapy. The solution will respond to many challenges in the field of telework in the social and educational fields that the other platforms do not offer:  Significantly reduce waiting times for consultations with specialists by improving accessibility;  Save tons of money on infrastructure;  Significantly increase the level of security in data management and record keeping;  Respect the standards of government bodies (FOIPPA, GDPR, etc.) Proposal Alteredux offers two interfaces: a web platform and a virtual reality application. These two interfaces are complementary and can easily interact with each other. In addition, in order to personalize the business experience, the Alteredux team offers exclusive support that will develop a tailor-made solution for establishment in search of a E-business management solution.


    USA Platform N/A N/A
    1126 Douglas Rd. #301, Burnaby BC, V5C 4Z6, Canada

    USA Platform N/A N/A N/A 1126 Douglas Rd. #301, Burnaby BC, V5C 4Z6, Canada

    About is content authoring tool for AR and VR. Motive includes a Unity SDK and a web-based visual programming tool that gives content creators and instructional designers the tools they need to author in-depth training scenarios or rich, interactive experiences without writing any code. is a platform that makes it easy to build your location-based augmented reality apps and games. Start with our Unity templates or our Explore AR app and you’ll have a prototype in your hand on day one. All location services, map integration, and a host of ready-to-go game mechanics are included so you can get outside and see your game in action. Great for games, tourism, event apps, education and more.

  • Halo Labs

    USA Platform N/A N/A
    119 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011, USA
    close Halo Labs

    Halo Labs

    USA Platform N/A N/A N/A 119 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011, USA

    About Halo Labs


  • 46 St Paul Street
    close Poplar


    Europe Platform N/A +447827896313 46 St Paul Street

    About Poplar

    Poplar ( is a platform that provides 3D and AR campaigns on demand. We activate a new generation of global 3D and AR creators and provide collaborative tools that make 3D and AR production affordable and quick for marketing and advertising. Poplar automates the 3D and AR production workflow, providing a self-service brief builder accessible to large brands, SMEs and the long tail. Launched September 2018, Poplar already works with music labels (Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music), game publishers (King, Wargaming), entertainment studios (Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, NBCU, Viacom, the BBC), Beauty & Luxury brands (L’Oréal, YSL, Puig Paco Rabanne, Charlotte Tilbury) and consumer goods/F&B (eBay, Speedo, RB, GSK, Bacardi Jack Daniels, Pernot Ricard Absolut, Red Bull, William Hill, Walmart), among others. A Facebook AR filter for Island Records generated 25m organic impressions, representing a $0.20 CPM for its cost. Another AR experience for Nestlé on Facebook and Snapchat generated 172m paid impressions and 30s of engagement, more than their past video campaigns. Poplar now has integrated partnerships with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Samsung and TikTok, as well as agencies like Publicis, Havas and Dentsu. Poplar was also selected as one of the few global companies to join the Google 3D Advertising Trusted Partner Program, and we have recently completed production on a 3D ad for a car company. In 2019 and 2020, Poplar has been consistently featured by Digi-Capital as one of the global AR/VR Leaders in the Advertising and Marketing sector.

  • Catalyst Belfast Fintech Hub
    close Sentireal Ltd.

    Sentireal Ltd.

    N/A Platform N/A 07545430448 Catalyst Belfast Fintech Hub

    About Sentireal Ltd.

    Our software and media solutions, powered by our "immersonal" platform, provide enhanced learning outcomes by presentation of content using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. This media content is created based on the learners current activities and real-world situation, and allows for personalised delivery of content, based on individual training needs. Using artificial intelligence, our software platform offers the opportunity for assessment and feedback on individual learners.

  • close Lumina VR

    Lumina VR

    N/A Platform N/A 0409740877 Sydney

    About Lumina VR

    A total solution Virtual/Augmented Reality consultancy and project management company offering: -Intelligence -Ideation -Support -Guidance -Implementation - H/ware, Content, P/form -Integration -Evaluation We are part of the global transformation taking place right now. The ability to transport in and out of real and conceptualised environments to: -Meet, Present and Engage; -Learn, Teach and Inspire; -Democratise and Influence. We are proud to be immersed globally with passionate, talented and inspired leaders. It is our mission at Lumina VR to usher this era in seamlessly. Come with us on the journey. VR and AR allow us to communicate an idea, express a concept, educate an audience, in ways we have only started exploring. It sounds like a futuristic concept. It's here right now. Elevate your Marketing, Training, Conferencing/Communication, Design, Events. Contact us about your VR questions now. Simple question - great! Complex - fantastic! Start your VR journey slowly at a small scale and build it, or create something groundbreaking. VR and AR can help accomplish your goals, and we can start that journey now. - Education and Training (K-12, VET, Corp Training and Prof Dev) - Marketing and Advertising - Consumer (Retail), Corporate, Industrial and Commercial Projects - Not For Profit - Local Government - Property Development - Education (K-12) - Training and Professional Development - Events - VR/AR Start-up Mentorship and Funding

  • 11301 Corporate Blvd, Suite 100
    close DiSTI Corporation

    DiSTI Corporation

    N/A Platform N/A N/A 407.206.3390 11301 Corporate Blvd, Suite 100

    About DiSTI Corporation

    Located in Orlando, Florida – the very heart of the global simulation and training industry - our software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of the student virtual training experience for Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military, and clientele around the world. We leverage the power of our data-driven virtual training platform, VE Studio, and our patented processes to enable our clients to simplify and lower the cost of designing and delivering highly scalable 3D virtual enablement solutions for their maintainers, operators and field services teams. For over 25 years we’ve pushed the boundaries for training solutions deployed on desktop, mobile, and now extended reality (XR) devices.

  • iStaging

    N/A Platform N/A N/A
    2F, No.2, Sec.4, Nanjing E Rd.,Songshan Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan
    close iStaging


    N/A Platform N/A N/A 0225773677 2F, No.2, Sec.4, Nanjing E Rd.,Songshan Dist, Taipei City, Taiwan

    About iStaging