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3spin DREAM is an AR and VR learning platform which enables non-programmers in agencies, enterprises and universities to easily create, operate and manage immersive trainings through the cloud. In the past, creating VR or AR trainings was often costly, as scenarios had to be individually programmed, manually installed on each device and trainings were quickly technically outdated. 3spin DREAM is billed as Software-as-a-Service per learner and month. Authors are free. Combined with its cloud distribution, the learning platform covers the range from a quick, “success-based” start up to a highly scalable training portfolio, delivered to hundreds or more devices. In the past, isolated pilot projects only needed to be the training itself. However, really operating trainings in an organization requires much more – features which would be too expensive for a single client. 3spin DREAM offers enterprise functionality such as multi-user training, user management, success reports and LMS integration, to name a few. With 3spin DREAM, clients can focus on what’s most important: learning content – and not programming. 3spin DREAM was awarded "best tool for training creation and distribution" at Learntec 2020.



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