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Question What’s Real is a cross-border new media interactive team, aiming to reshape the face of human-computer interaction in order to connect with the individual’s senses. Our multidisciplinary backgrounds allow us to follow and utilize the evolution of technology and media, to further explore and trigger the dialogue between imagination and experience. Near eye personal computing is going to revolutionise the way people use computers. At Question What’s Real we are in deep research on how we can best deliver these state of the art technologies to everyone. Pushing the human race forward into the next epoch of evolution would need everything we have in store and more. We wish to start an eastern technological evolution that will bring equilibrium of power when it comes to humanity evolving towards technological singularity. “Question What’s Real” is looking to disintegrate the existing hardware and software roadmap for immersive tech and give it a different kind of spin. It believes the main reason adoption has not been democratised is because the right market, product & platform fit is yet to be discovered. QWR's first product line that is launching soon: "AURL" - First step towards smart fashion (aurl.qwr.aisa) "VRone." - Cinematic 4K VR, for all. ( "LiteX" - Ultra Modular Head-up Display (



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